Serving and Blessing

Monday (being last week) and today have been really good days – although I didn’t get all I wanted done, it made me feel good knowing I was blessing four people’s lives. Directly, I was blessing Mummy – on Monday, I offered to keep Daniel at home so Mum could take Nomi into town (to see a visiting author DM didn’t feel interested in) and take Josh with them so he could do some downloading. There was room to take him into town, but he didn’t want to go (um, neither did I!) so I kept him at home. Knowing that Mum could have a break felt good!

Next, I was helping Daniel – after we had done our own thing for the first hour, mostly on the computer, Daniel started to get a bit bored, as he easily does if he can’t be on the computer or watching TV. So, I decided to spend some one-on-one time with Daniel. Innitially, we looked through ‘200 Boredom Busters’ for some ideas, and after deciding on an experiment that ended up not working, we decided to bake some banana and choc-chip muffins – his favourite! Although Daniel had most of the fun (not) keeping an eye on the mix master, I was telling him all about keeping the kitchen tidy as we cooked (and how putting the ingredients away as I go drives Mum completely batty as I normally put it away before she’s used it!) and using metric measurements and the mix master. Believe me I felt very teacher-ish!!! It took a lot longer than it would have taken me to bake, but finally, it was done. Then the greatest challenge arouse infront of us: the oven. Unfortunatly, our oven’s automatic switch doesn’t work, and as it’s a gas oven, the only way to turn it on is to actually light it with a match/lighter. Unfortuantly again, I couldn’t start it. So, leaving the muffins in the pan, we set ourselves to – licking the bowel!! Yum – sometimes I wonder if it would be nice to eat the WHOLE batter raw!! Although I reckon I would feel sick afterwards!

Again today, Daniel and I brainstormed for his Christmas presents (we are trying to make them instead of buy them) and wrote up a list of all the things he could do without using the computer, tv or Mum! It’s a fairly long list with plenty of space for new ideas.

Brothers and sisters are special. I love being around each and every one of mine. I have a different relationship with each of my siblings, but they are all extremely special to me. Spending time with them is a privledge and blessing to me! I could nearly call it an indulgence, but that’s not quite the right word. Mum’s are special. They work so hard to do so much for us! We don’t always realize how frustrated Mum can get when we keep interrupting her – she needs her space and thinking level, just like we do. Put together a desire to build a relationship with siblings and an opportunity to bless Mum and volia! You get a day full of service… to others – I mean, who would we rather serve and bless but our own family! I mentioned that I blessed four people – yes, there’s another person I feel I blessed. I blessed Jesus. I made him happy and honoured him by doing what he asked – serve others and live in harmony. I let him inside myself, to shine through – and Jesus feels blessed when we do that.


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