The Door Within Trilogy

I have been reading the best fantasy trilogy of late – The Door Within Trilogy.

1. The Door Within

2. The Rise of the Wrym Lord

3. The Final Storm

Written by Wayne Thomas Batson

Josh has been given them in the past few years and loved them; last Monday he convinced me to read them. I gave in and started ‘The Door Within’ that morning. I was enchanted, drawn to The Realm and its Glimpses (which is something we don’t see in this world, like fawns, but are ghostly white, and every Glimpse has its human twin; what we do affects them and what they do affects us). I’ts set in a ‘medieval’ time, with castles and knights and archers and dragons and the like. I absolutely loved the whole story, the danger, and the excitement! Also, it’s an allegory to the Christian life. Note that I do not use the word Christ, but the Christian life. There is the story of a blameless death because of a traitor and resurrection and power; as well of the story of the Fall (in its own The Realm way, of course). However, it wasn’t very ‘strong’, so to speak, although Josh had told me it was a very good allegory. But for me, after I finished number one, I was left wondering, ‘this is supposed to be a very strong allegory to Jesus’ life on earth? I don’t see it in the whole thing.’ After a while though, it clicked. This was not a story that focused on the betraying/death/resurrection of Jesus on earth; it was a story of our walk with God, our service to him, being a solider for His army. When I saw that, my mouth was near dropping. ‘Wow oh wow oh wow – is this such a powerful and amazing story!’

I highly recommend it – although beware, my friend, for this book is not for reading during a week of busyness! I was fortunate enough to have read ‘The Door Within’ before a big commitment!

We are never alone. In Christ. Who dwells in us. And helps us.

Never Alone,



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