Book reccomendation part two

Here is book recommendation part two – these are the books Mum wants me to read this year. Also are the books I’m currently reading.

These books aren’t including recreational books (except for the one I’m reading)

1. History:

The Bronze Bow – Elizabeth George Speare

Attila the Hun – Bonnie Carman Harvey

2. Science, Technology:

Galen and the Gateway to Medicine

Did Man Just Happen? W. A Criswell

When Science Fails – John Hudson Taylor

3. Australian History:

Tom Appleby Convict Boy – Jackie French

Australian Christian Heritage – ?

Discovering Australia’s Christian Heritage – Col Stringer

Heroic Australian Woman in War – Susanna de Vries

Silver Donkey – ?

My Story series – continual series; various authors

4. Classics:

Heidi – Johanna Spryi

5. Christian Reading:

Through the Gates of Splendour – Elisabeth Elliot

Heroes of the Faith: Francis and Edith Schaeffer

Church History:

#2 – Monks and Mystics – Brandon and Mindy Withrow

#3 – Courage and Conviction – Brandon and Mindy Withrow

6. World View/Apologetics

7. Books to read but don’t have on our bookshelf/other:

The Snow Goose

Tom Sawyer

The Ark

Catherine, called Birdie

Anne Franks’ Diary

The Slave Dancer

Love Comes Softly

If you Love Me

Little House on the Prairie Series – Laura Ingall Wilder

8. Recreational:

The Billabong series (this is more what I want than Mum!)(We have some of these at the library) by Mary Grant Bruce

9. Read Alouds

Current Reading List:

The Priest – Francine Rivers

From Billabong to London – Mary Grant Bruce

Champions of Science – John Hudson Taylor

Current Read Alouds:

Icing on the damper – a read aloud on Australia during the depression as a reading journal practice (more on reading journals in part three) which we are doing with Cheesel (a friend) and her sister.

It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet – James Herriet – funny!

Beautiful Girlhood – my Mum and I are ploughing through it slowly; it’s not hard going, just hard finding the time to do it!

In case you’re a little confused by the numbering and how I’ve listed titles but not books, I’ll mention they are sorted by our reading list record categories. I”ll talk about reading records another time, in part three or four.

Obviously, as I haven’t read them, I can’t exactly recommend them, but my brother would have read most of them, and as we talk about the books we read, Mum can monitor what would be OK for me to read. What Josh hasn’t read are either book recommended from Mum or from a trustworthy source.


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