Thankyou for rising again Jesus… it’s Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter!! Jesus is risen! Today I was trying to find a Keith Green (what else?) easter-ishy song I could put on here – there was one on there that was entitled “Easter Song” but I didn’t think it quite right. When I see things from a different angle, a whole new meaning opens up. This song (I Can’t Believe It) distinguishes another meaning for Easter.

There is nothing new, I could give to you,

Just a life that’s torn, waiting to be born.

Rivers overflow, friends may come and go,

But you’ve been by my side, with every tear I’ve cried.

Oh, I can’t believe that you’d give everything for me,

I can’t believe it no, I can’t believe it no, no.

I know you never lied and so it’s just my foolish pride,

That I just won’t receive it yeah,

It’s so hard to receive it in my heart and make the start with you.

Press on, keep pushing ahead in your faith – Jesus loved you so much that he died for you – but all of the sins of the people who had come and gone before Jesus, and all of the people at the time of Jesus, and every sin of the people to come couldn’t stop Jesus from loving you – and because of that love he rose again! Will you give Him your heart? We have to choose daily to do it – not just once in a lifetime, but everyday. Trust Him. He doesn’t see any stain upon you. All He sees is a special, super-clean heart! Even if you don’t feel like walking on air, Jesus still loves you! Trust that love. It’s wider than anything you could imagine!

“Turn all of your cares over to Jesus – He cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:8

Love Jess

‘I Can’t Believe It’ was written by Keith and Melody Green. Their website for their ministry,

Last Days Ministries, is

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