Overflowing Love

Here’s a devotional thought…

The other night, while on the plane to Melbourne, there was this song playing; the chorus went like this:

“Could’ve been better, could’ve been bigger… it could have been empty.”

This made me think about Jesus’ love for us. He, in heaven, could have had an empty heart for us – we never did anything towards Him that made us deserve His life. He still came. It wasn’t an empty heart, it was a full heart… no, it was more than that – it was an overflowing heart – with compassion and mercy and love. Overflowing, all through His body – it was so full it still overflowed from His mouth, his words; His brain soaked it up, taking control of His thoughts. His hands, his feet, they shook with excitement with the idea of touching someone, moving towards someone, someone… with love. It was so great it couldn’t have been bigger, it couldn’t have been bigger – it spilled out of His body, sparking everyone when He touched them, whether with His hands, or His eyes, or His words… they felt His love too. It overflowed His home – it was like someone left the bathroom tap on, and it ran, and ran, and ran, till it overflowed His house, overflowed heaven – and then there was trouble with the drain, and it stayed that way – but at the same time, it was the best thing that ever happened. Jesus loved. And it never stopped – but it seemed it never had started – that’s because it didn’t start. It was always there – and it’ll never stop! It reminds me of Romans 8:38 and 39

“I am absolutely sure that neither life or death, angels or demons, the highest place or the lowest, the present or the future (or the past) could separate us from God’s love through what Jesus Christ our Lord has done.”

It also made me think about our actions though. What about us? Could have our actions been better? Could have we given more love? Is what we do – in everything we do – been done with an empty spirit? Did we forget to stuff some love into our pockets; did we forget to forget about us – and only remember everyone else? If I didn’t love, I am only like a clashing symbol making noise… [but] love never fails. Does our love fail others? Like Jesus, does our life compose a spark on others, like a electrical zap, knowing they’ve been cared for – they were loved? Do your hands, your finger tips, portray love? Jesus did – may we do the same.

It’ll be little by little – but one day – perfect we will be!

Love Jessica


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