I’ve got the joy, joy, joy joy… down in my heart to stay!

Do you ever feel like just shouting out praises to God? Like jumping and dancing and singing and laughing at nothing? That’s kind of what I’m feeling like now… it’s a great feeling, a feeling I like to call joy. When I can relax in Jesus, in the arms of His love, knowing that He has a sense of humor… what would we do without Jesus and love and laughter? I know: I wouldn’t be – I couldn’t be – who I am!! Praise the LORD! Do you know what? I find my real joy in Jesus – not presents or anything else, Jesus – in whom all things are created by HIS will – all the things that really matter, when we come down to it, it’s a gift from Jesus! Yahoooo! It makes me wanna shout, and laugh, and cry for joy, when I think of His loving life he lived out for me, His love for kids (not just children, kids too!), his power over death, His words to me- even the book of Zephaniah has something to say – my family and friends, and just knowing that He’s coming back again, and taking me to Heaven, and that He loves me! It doesn’t stop with Jesus’ love though. God gives me so much pleasure in other things too – from Dad’s footsteps, to Silly Songs with Larry, to my sisters’ laugh – he planned it and brings me

Joy in those things!

Augustine of Hippo says

“A Christian should be an Alleluia from head to foot”

which is so true! The Lord has made this day unique, special and He says to rejoice in the day! Not after it, not before it, now. (That also applies to the nighttime!) Not half-heartedly, but whole-heartedly!!!

When did you last go to Jesus as your source of Joy? I can tell you one thing – with Jesus, your whole life brightens up! I’m giggly by nature, but Jesus is my JOY – The Joy of the LORD is my strength” Nehemiah says – why not giving it a go? Just ask Jesus to ‘overflow my heart with a fountain of joy, a joy that comes from you. Always.


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