God is Good!

Congratulations! You are so blessed to be given this gift!! WOW, yeah, it’s really cool… your gift I mean! A yearly trip around the sun!! A monthly visit of the moon!! How cool is that? (this is how Max Lucado starts of one of his sermons I once listened to) Think about it… how detailed is the world? There is stuff we don’t even know about… Jesus loves you forever – his gift is soo special… he made this life, this year, this day, this moment, all the juice that’s out there… WOW! He knew all your moves from BEFORE CREATION!! Doesn’t this life deserve a smile – for Gods’ goodness? His loves spills out for you, like his blood poured out for your life!!

This is a really good song sung by Songtime Kids. It shows the personality I want to have; its all soo true! This song is from All New! Songtime Kids Praise Songs.

He paints the blue across the sky
A different sunset every time.
He tells the moon to come at night
And twinkles every star!
He tells the rain to go away
And calls the robins out to play
He gives the clouds their funny shapes
to brighten up my heart!

God is Good
and His Love is amazing!
Every day He proves it to me!
God is Good
so I’m gonna praise Him
‘Cause I want the world to see-
God is Good!

He gives me friends across the street
A family to take care of me
A cozy place where I can sleep
and always feel safe!
When I do something that’s not right
He forgives me every time
As soon as I apologize,
He takes my sin away!

Chorus x 2

So, what did you think? I find it so true; it paints a picture that I want to look like – enthusiastic, bubbly, joyful, giggly (I am that by nature) and always with a smile (even though I have braces on now!)! I suppose through the last year, that’s what I’ve strived to be – this song I’ve only recently learned, but it’s great encouragement!

A few months ago, I watched a sermon preached by Max Lucado on the computer. It was about joyfully living out each day (it was based on His recent book: Give your Day a Chance) and how God made each day for us! Three tips:
Saturate your day with God’s Grace
Entrust the day to his Oversight
Accept His Direction
G-O-D – Grace-Oversight-Direction – cool, hey?

Anyway, that’s a song that I hope’s encouraged you – remember, Jesus loves you, so squeeze out the ‘juice’ in this day!

Smile today!
Jessica Lee <>< ><>

PS: sorry if it’s a bit long for people!!


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