~God’s Little Girl is Creative~

A keen eye for beauty has God’s little girl,

She gets it from looking at God’s pretty world.

His handiwork, everywhere, and the sky throughout

Teaches his splendour as she looks about.

Proverbs 31:22 –

She makes coverings for her bed.

Her clothes are made of linen

And other expensive material.

Isn’t God’s world amazing? Think about it… if the world was ONE 8th mm further away from the sun, the world would explode!!!!! How great is our God!

You know, God has given each of us a talent, a special gift. Girls are known for being crafty, but some peoples gift aren’t always in found in craft shops. Some girls love gardening, or building with wood or metal. Some have a way with animals, where as some are better at helping people through tough times. Everyone has at least one talent – and I reckon that people have more than one!!

When I think of creativity, I normally think of craft – painting, drawing, sewing and so on. Yet, everyone is creative some how – gardeners can be creative by trying out new plants, or patterns and colours; cooks are creative with making up new dishes (that can sometimes be scary!!); where as people who are there to help others can be creative when encouraging others, or bringing people together! Creativity is so much more than just paper tole or bear making – but good on you if you can do that too – that’s great!!!

Remember that verse that talks about us being in the image of God? Our talents, our creative pursuits, are IN GODS’ IMAGE! God made this world for us to enjoy, and draw from!! Some of Mozart’s pieces remind me of birds and rustling leaves – and sometimes, during sunsets, I am blown away at the thought that God put that sunset there, he put me there, so I could see that God reigns, and how much God loves me!! Anyway, I hope this helps you see that God is all sovereign and he loves you and has a plan for you that includes what you love doing best!! Oh yeah, one last, VERY important thing: no gift is better than the other!


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