Battled Determination

Eventually, Herod became Rome’s choice to attend the affairs in Palestine, as He won Rome’s favour through his steadfast loyalty to the interests of Rome. Therefore, the Roman’s granted Herod territory for him to rule. He had vast powers within the land of Palestine, although he wasn’t allowed to meddle with affairs in the outside world.

The Parthians invaded Roman territory, which included Palestine, where Herod the Great was ruling. Antigonus made friends with the Parthians, who made Antigonus the King of Palestine and a priest. Although it was a risky take because of the Romans, Parthians besieged Jerusalem, where Herod was ruling. Secretly, Herod and his family escaped, and hurried on to Rome. Amid all of the support from Mark Antony and Octivian, who were friends at the time, Herod appealed to the Roman Senate, who assured him of his right to the throne of Palestine.

Finally, with plenty of support from the Romans, Herod returned to claim his Kingdom in Palestine. The Romans successfully battled the Parthians, while Herod continually battled the Antigonus. Jerusalem, taken over by Antigonus, surrendered to Herod in 37 BC. Inside Antioch, Herod insisted that Antigonus and many others be executed. Since Antigonus’ plans had failed, Herod once again took over Palestine’s’ throne, which now included Judea, Samaria, Idumea, Galilee and Perea. Herod’s determination saw him through.


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