Twin Explanation

In Nottingham UK, April 2005, twins, Remee and Kian, were born, amazingly with different complexions. Unlike Remee, who is considered to have “white” skin, Kian is considered to be “black”. As there fame spread, it was discovered that their parents, Kylie Hodgson and Remi Horder both have white mothers and black fathers.

So, if there was one man and one woman in the creation of the world, there do all of the “races” come from? What about different colour complexions? It all comes down to a matter of genetics; with the right genes, different complexions can appear in a single generation.

So, if Adam and Eve had a light-brown complexion, every sort of shades could generate from them. Wonderfully, we all do come from Adam and Eve, and Noah and his family, just as the Bible says we do.


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