~God’s Little Girl Is Caring~

“Oh, Mommy, look – see who’s passing by!”

(God’s little girl looks ready to cry.”

Her sweet heart is breaking for someone in need.

“Lord let me help them and do a kind deed.”

~Proverbs 31:20~ “She welcomes the poor. She helps the needy.”

Sometimes, when we watch the news on TV, it’s so sad to see all of those people suffering some way – Explosions, deaths, attacks, or nature causes. Yet we can help them – but you don’t have to send $3,000 to a foundation or anything big like that. Why not include them in your prayers, before bed, in the morning, during grace, or as you watch or hear about it. God knows that these people are hurting, and Jesus knows what it’s like to be hurting. Sometimes, that’s the best way in all to bless others – pray. Show Love, Love, and Love – ‘cause that’s what people need; to know that their cared for.


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