True Love Zooming!

The Dance Flies are found all over North America. Dance Flies gather together in huge groups in damp, swampy areas. Together, they twirl and swirl, up and down, like pros. Another amazing thing about these romantic creatures is their engagement ring. To attract a female, a male will capture a small insect, kill it, and present it to his hopefully-to-be-fiancé.

Sometimes, the male is so desperate; he’ll go to all costs to impress his love. Passionately, the male will weave a silk balloon and lovingly tuck the dead bug into each balloon! But, sometimes it’s a fake – which is often the case in times of drought. Because in times of drought, insects become scarce; but love doesn’t. Slyly, male dance flies give an empty balloon to his love.

Dance Flies zoom and zip and buzz around, and in the end, these romantic creatures win the heart of their true love!


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