In the Belly of the Whale

“I’m sure you all know the story of Jonah and how he was swallowed by a sea creature. But, we don’t know exactly what animal swallowed Jonah, do we? Well, thanks to Story Hour, I have some really cool news!

Ernest Went was a man who studied whales and fish. He discovered several facts about these marine creatures.

Certain large fish can swallow men whole, as in the story of Jonah. Jonah wasn’t necessarily swallowed by a whale, though; the Original Hebrew word refers to “Big Fish”. The Greek work in Mathew 12:40 “Whale” means “Any Marine Monster”.

A 30 ft long white shark has been know to swallow large animals whole, and occasionally they will even throw up these animals, still whole.

He writes, “Can whales do the same? Many species cannot.” He discovered though, that the Sperm Whale – found in the Mediterranean – can.

To top this off, in the time of Jonah, there was a whaling industry in the east Mediterranean. Also, the port of Joppa was, apparently, in the time of Jonah a whaling centre.

Now, this doesn’t tell us what sea creature swallowed Jonah, but it gives us a 50/50 idea of what animal did. It could have been a Sperm whale, as there was a whaling industry and a whaling centre in the time of Jonah.

But, the Original Hebrew word means Big Fish, and the Greek word for Whale means Any Marine Monster. Also, sharks and large fish can swallow men whole – and then dispose of them in the same manner!

So, we don’t really know. It’s just another way that God works behind the scenes to show us the way to live. ”

Hi, this is some more school work of mine – isn’t it interesting?

Love Jessica Lee

P.S my title for this entry, I’m in the Belly of the Whale, is a song of Jonah, a Vegietales Movie – visit!


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