Next Door Saviour by Max Lucado – book report

Jesus is our trash man. In a part of the book, the people’s dirty hearts are used as our trash. Our hands are raw and our backs bent, we have to take our “trash” everywhere we go. But there is one man, whose back is straight, and he carries no trash. He offers to take someone’s trash forever. That person accepts, and meets him that next day to take it away. He kneels before her, and empties her trash onto his shoulder.

The selfishness of the glutton, the bitterness of the angry, the possessiveness of the insecure. He feels what they felt. It is as if he’d lied or cheated or cursed his Maker… Still he sobs as she has sobbed into her pillow a hundred nights. That’s when she realizes that his cry is hers. Her shame his.

This man can’t bear the pain and sin upon him. Sin over rides him, and he becomes like a stray sheep. Helpless, he dies.

But a few days later, that same man is standing. Jesus has conquered it all!

With his skin still moist from the Jordan River, Jesus turned away food, family and friends, and went into the desert for 40 days. There he experienced hunger, thirst and heat. There he also experienced loneliness, sadness, temptation and hard times. He experienced the wilderness of the desert. He also experienced the wilderness of the soul. He was tempted for forty days, by Satan. Jesus was taking a test against evil. The battle wasn’t only three questions; it went on for a month and ten days. He was being tested to see if he could withstand evil. Betrayal thoughts to the father went through his mind. No help comes from Heaven. Adam took a simular test. Jesus’ was harder, but he withstood it. Adam’s was easier, yet he failed.

Going into the desert was Jesus’ idea. No one dared him. But he went into there. Why? Because He wanted to feel what we would feel. Jesus was tempted, tortured. Jesus mightn’t have eaten the bread, but he smelt its smell. Jesus stood firm, through all of the tempting. His desert time passed. Angels comforted him.

We all go through hard times, or wilderness of the soul. We might be tempted to do the wrong things, but the time will pass.

Jesus will guide you, that’s what the Bible’s for. The Bible was Jesus’ survival weapon.

We are no matches for Satan, so Jesus put our flesh. He took our place, so we won’t have to go alone. We need to rely on God only, and nothing else. We need to heed God’s voice.

Jesus faced every hard situation on earth so we wouldn’t have to go through it alone. That’s why He didn’t accept the wine at his crucifixion; he wanted to feel every bit of pain. Maybe that’s why he was beaten, and mocked, so he would understand.

These are some interesting thoughts I read in this book for you to think about.

– The number 40 is a significant part of the Bible.

Moses faced forty years in the desert.

Noah had forty days of rain.

Jesus went into the desert for forty days.

– God is in us – working inside us

– Satan can’t master us now – He is to God what a mosquito is to an atomic bomb

– God can use the everyday things in our life

– Since you and I can’t pay, Christ did.

– But Christ sees our plight. With the law on the wall and shattered commandments on the floor, he steps in (like a neighbour) and offers a gift (Like a saviour)

– Jesus exited the Jordan River a carpenter and exited a Messiah

– In hard times, we only need the word.

– Rely on scripture

– God is speaking!

– God wants to get into things. Jesus is right in the middle of our storms.

– When Elijah and Moses come down to earth, they came down to comfort Jesus.

– God said, “Listen to HIM.” He didn’t say, “Listen to THEM.” To the disciples.

– It was PITCH BLACK for three hours.

– Jesus was under arrest/pain for nine hours!

– It was actually recorded to be darker in Egypt at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion!

– Jesus died on the cross so “God would treat Him like God would treat us”

– One man said that only eight prophecies could be fulfilled in one man’s life – yet Jesus fulfilled 29 at his death!

– We all have the choice: either trust the Pilot and fly or not trust him and try to get home on our own.

I know which way I’ll take… Do you?

“Hear this, O Job,

Stand an consider the wondrous works of God.” Job 37:14

“A child will be born to us.

A son will be given to us.

He will rule over us.

And he will be called Wonderful Adviser and Mighty God.

He will also be called Father Who Lives Forever and Prince Who Brings Peace.” Isaiah 9:6


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