This is the Hearty issue for God’s Little Girl. Enjoy!

~ God’s little Girl is Hearty ~

“Buckle your shoe!” Do you know this rhyme?

“Ready, set go!” it helps every time.

To give it our all, at school, home, and play,

“I need Your strength, dear Lord,” we pray.

~ Proverbs 31:17 ~ She does her work with energy. Her arm is strong.

I see a few other words that could be used here.

1. Willing – Being willing is necessary to be hearty. Being ready and set to go with a happy heart would mean being willing.

2. Joyful – one of my favourite words. The Bible says to be always joyful in 2 Thessalonians 5:16. Hearty is being joyful when doing whatever you are doing. Being cheerful, diligent, eager, positive and having energy are all a part of being Hearty.

3. Enthusiastic – another term for hearty is being happy, and putting effort into your situation. We need to be willing to give up our time, and if you can do that, you won’t find it very hard at all to be enthusiastic. Enthusiastic is taking the next step up from being willing and happy. Out of all of these traits, I think that enthusiastic says Hearty best. Doing your work with energy and joy. Have you seen the movie Happy Feet? I haven’t, but Mum and Nomi have. One of the things they remember is this saying that the Dad told his son: Triumph is TRY with OOMPH at the end.

But, in that last sentence of that poem, we can’t do anything without the love and strength of our Lord Jesus Christ!


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