The Cooper Kids Adventure Series by Frank Peretti


I thought I would today post about something different than the lyrics written by Keith Green… why not a book post?

Since the start of the year, I’ve been reading the Cooper Kids Adventure Series by Frank E. Peretti. The books are just awesome! After I’ve read one of the books in the series, every other book I read seems so lame; the adventures’ are just so good! Frank Peretti writes really deep stuff for adults, but these ones aren’t deep Christian reading, but are intense adventure stories – although they are really at the level of thirteen yo and up (the first one is the most spiritual; it deals with demons, but the rest aren’t nearly as powerful). Differently, the main characters is an archaeologist, Dr Cooper, who with his fourteen year old son, Jay, and thirteen year old daughter, Lila, work at biblical and ancient sites – for no profit; really just to gain more evidence around the Bible. About half are archaeology stories. The others are just adventure stories, but they’re more than Enid Blytons’ stuff (i.e. The Famous Five, Secret Seven), where it’s nearly always about secret passageways, kidnapping, and the like, although there is that kind of thing in some of these books. Cooper Kids Adventure Series is more realistic, of Christian value, and yet still very sticky (you know how sometimes books ‘glue’ your eyes to the page?). Unfortunately (kinda!) there are only eight books; I highly recommend them for early ‘teens’ that have a solid Christian foundation. They are so fantastgreat!

One thing I also picked up was the way he writes. He uses phrases such as “um” and uses a lot of onomatopoeias (how you spell a sound (i.e. slam! is the word we would use if in a book the door slammed shut)); the way he uses words captivates your brain; he’s descriptive, but realistic when someone talks.

So, there’s a book post for you! The Cooper Kids Adventure Series by Frank E. Peretti.


PS: Frank Peretti also – strangely, considering what he writes for adults – tells Bible stories on audio for kids – he uses lots of different voices, calls himself Mr Henry, and re-writes the stories, adding puns and simplifying it. These are also fantastic and are worth buying!


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