~God’s Little Girl is Cheerful~

What’s that I hear? That loud cock-a-doo?
It’s time to get up-taste the day while it’s new!

But first praise the Lord, say a verse and a prayer:

“Love one another” and “God, help me to care”

Proverbs 31 :15 –  She gets up while it is still dark.  She prepares food for her family.

Some times I feel like staying in bed, instead of getting out of bed and facing my day. I always feel fresh if I get out of bed, but if I stay in my bed, I feel sleeper and I won’t get into my routine as happy as I like to get into.

A lot of the time though, I just jump out of bed, and get right into my day, most of the time singing a favourite song!!! For some reason, I usually am wide awake in a minute, after I get out of bed!! I really want to be able to bless my family – and how are you going to bless your family if you stay in bed? I know that I am have been given a talent for organization, and I want to use that talent to help bless my family and friends.


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