Cleopatra’s… hairdresser style

Hi, my name is Kiya. I am a hairdresser – not your everyday hairdresser but the, THE hairdresser to the royals – you know – Cleopatra from Egypt. She comes in here once a week to have her hair permed and a facial. She insists on her facial being done with milk though the rumour has it she actually bathes in milk at home.

When I say home, I really mean Palace. She has had me come into to her palace before – I can’t remember what the circumstance was exactly but there was a lot of fuss about getting ready fine and dandy.

The palace was decorated with lots of tapestries and marbled floors. Her bedroom had this huge bed in it, though it was screened off for total privacy. She had marble bathtub, which I only saw as empty but like I said, she enjoyed milk baths and I really believe it because the room stank of milk. Maybe you shouldn’t say that about the princess’ bedroom but it really did smell!

Have I told you about her family? What a wild bunch of people. Well, of course, I am sure most families sometimes do fight but really… .kill each other??? She did have two sisters. The eldest one became the queen after she threw her father off the throne then she was murdered – mysteriously – and then the second sister got her go at the throne only to be thrown off by her father and she was executed (gross). Things were a bit stable then for a while because the Father was king and then Cleopatra joined him when he got sick. He eventually died – they say natural causes – which left Cleopatra the throne of all of Egypt! Though she was supposed to rule with her younger siblings – which she really didn’t like that much – so she got rid of them too – but hush is the word!

Just between you and me she did find being ruler very difficult. Though she was a very beautiful queen – so they say – though I personally think she has a big nose and is a little on the plump side. That’s really why I have my job – to make her look as beautiful as the world wants to believe – I have to dress her in the most delicate fabric to hide those plump bits and use make up to draw attention to her eyes instead of that nose!

Talking of noses – have you seen the roman noses – Cleopatra was friendly with Julius Caesar – what a nose!! Anyway Cleopatra thought he was pretty neat and they ended up having a son. Cleopatra actually went to Rome to live with him for a year – boy did I miss her appointments then. She made the bad mistake of having a roman hairdresser – when Cleopatra got back to Egypt the mess, the tangle, the damage that I had to deal with! Just looking at her hair made me weep! But I got that all under control now! Naturally! That is why I am the preferred personal stylist for the Queen after all!

Being her personal stylist I was asked to go with her on her boat as she sailed down the Nile to see her kingdom after she came back from Rome. That was an adventure. I mean to say, have you every tried to perm a head of thick black hair while bobbing up and down on a boat! Anyway I did it and she was happy with the results – actually I created a new look that day. She actually hasn’t worn her hair any other way since – it is a heavy fringe and a thick bob just above her shoulders.

When we got back from this trip there was sad news – Julius Ceasar had died. Some people obviously didn’t like him as much as Cleopatra!

Cleopatra was sad for a bit but she got on with her life. Actually she met Mark Antony, another Roman, also with a big nose! Mark Antony was a co-ruler in Rome – I think this is why Cleopatra and Mark got along so well – they understood each other.

They ended up having twins – Twins! As if one more addition to this crazy family wouldn’t have been enough. Anyway Cleopatra was happy enough except she didn’t see much of Mark. Actually Mark didn’t see the twins till they were 3 years old. I am not sure that is a good start to a family but there you go = responsibilities sometimes get in the way.

Many people think that Cleopatra is coward – but I don’t hold to that at all. But I guess being her trusted confident – she tells me things you see – maybe I get to see a part of her that others don’t.

The story goes that in one of her wars she ran away but I know she only ran away to escape because she didn’t want to leave her Galleys (ships you know) in enemy hands and she was loosing so she left the battle but kept her ships.

By this time in her life bad news was all around her. The only happy thing was Mark Antony was able to be in Egypt with her when she was under siege. There was a little communication breakdown between them though and they both ended up dead. I was with her till the end though I was accused – it hurts me to think that this could be thought of me – but I was accused of poisoning her comb – as if I could – my very dear princess – who I made beautiful with my own hands! Eventually they – realised that it could have been a snake bite that killed her and I was left free.

The sweetest bit of this story is that Cleopatra and Mark Antony are buried side by side (sigh)- I think she would have like that.


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