Ag Show 2006

I have been trying to blog… I just can’t seem to think!! I’ll just go basic today!!!!

(Memock does this make you happy!?)

Here are some photo’s of the Ag. show from a few weeks ago.

At the Show there is a pavillion where you can put your projects on display.  I made this quilt especially for the Show.  I got 3rd prize for it.

I also got a first place for a photo of Domino (our dog) and a second for a handmade book.

Nomi, Daniel and I went in to a mini circus during the Show. In the circus acts, I was Strongo, the strongest girl in the world!! Nomi and Daniel were strong woman and man!! Other things were done, like stilt walking and juggling. During the next night though Reg Bolton, the ring master/leader died. It is really hard to believe – especially as we were in his last act. We will miss him at the next Show.

Mum helping me walk on stilts.  Daniel could do it by himself!

Strongo the strongest woman in the world (me!) in the bright coat.


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