Old Story

I remember a story from when I was about eight years old. It went something like this:

There once was a group of orphans who lived in the streets. Near by them was an elderly man, who lived in a big house. He allowed the children to come to his house every day, and he would give them each a piece of bread. So he would come out every day with the bread in a basket, and the children surrounded him and all tried to get the biggest piece first. All, except, one little girl. She would wait till every one had their piece of bread, then would come up and take the last piece – the smallest piece – and say thankyou to the old man. This happened every day. One day, every thing was usual, but when the little girl left with her bread, she found some coins in it. So she took the few coins back to the old man, but he said, “Keep it, my dear girl. And may God bless you”.

I can’t remember if I read the story, or someone told me the story, or if I watched it. Maybe it is just a dream…


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