127 Random Facts about Jessica Lee Letchford

Below this writing is a list of 127 random facts about me.

  1. I have a natural streak of blond hair
  2. I became a Christian when I was three with Josh in the car
  3. I should wear glasses when I’m watching the TV
  4. but not when I’m doing close-up stuff such as reading
  5. We have five computers in our house
  6. I can wear the colour red
  7. but black doesn’t look good on me
  8. I love to shop
  9. I still like wearing my hair in two ponytails or plaits
  10. I have only ever had dark blue braces
  11. I wear elastic bands on my teeth
  12. and I like the orange bands
  13. I don’t like Papua
  14. Our dog is deaf
  15. I look a lot like my Mum
  16. Blue is my absolute favourite colour
  17. Daniel loves Bibleman
  18. I love Veggietales
  19. I thoroughly enjoy learning about ancient civilizations
  20. I have always held a fascination for little gadgets and buttons that spies use
  21. I do not like the word ‘got’
  22. And ‘gotten’ is even worse! *shudder*
  23. I avoid at all costs using the word ‘said’
  24. If you articulated my name by its meaning it would mean ‘He Beholds a Meadow’
  25. I have a scar on my right second finger from using sewing scissors on paper
  26. ‘My writing teacher’ is very funny
  27. Firefox is so much better than IE
  28. I have two blogs
  29. Clear blue skies are my favourite
  30. I don’t like having my personal devotions inside
  31. Apple crumble, Apple pie, lemon merainge and Josh’s chocolate pudding are my favourite desserts
  32. Whenever we make trifle, we always have too much left over and I eat it three times a day for a week!
  33. We live where it is very hot
  34. My favourite verse is Psalm 118:18
  35. and the last parts of 1 and 2 Thesselonians
  36. My favourite disciple/apostle is Peter
  37. I like the gospel John first
  38. Our dog is literately dotty
  39. Two of my favourite words are ‘loquacious’ and ‘fantazgreat’
  40. Keith Green is my #1 favourite artist
  41. I also enjoy Colin Buchanan, Judy Rogers, Buddy Davis and Hillsong
  42. I play the piano and sing at Church mostly once a month
  43. I’m sometimes shy
  44. I love girly, adventure and historical books
  45. Max Lucado is my favourite Christian author
  46. I love craft
  47. I want to publish a book before I’m 21
  48. I don’t like talking on the phone if it’s not to certain people
  49. Without a doubt, I love school
  50. Organizing is one of my favourite things to do
  51. Math is hard and I struggle with long multiplication problems
  52. I have a journal with a banner replica to my blog
  53. I normally keep three journals
  54. My filing colour is hot pink or red
  55. My sister is ‘a Pleasant, Wanted Child’ (that’s what her name means!)
  56. I love taking photos
  57. Reading is very enjoyable
  58. I love music and singing
  59. I want to really develop my music
  60. I am currently teaching myself the piano
  61. I like buses
  62. I have fainted once, but it only lasted one second, if that
  63. I can’t sing harmony very well
  64. I take photos solely of blue sky
  65. Yellow is my second-favourite colour
  66. I used to love Egypt, but don’t hold much fascination for it now
  67. I shake during and after public speaking, not so much beforehand
  68. I don’t like snakes or whales
  69. What’s the big deal with spiders?
  70. I enjoy The Rebelution blog
  71. I say ‘I can’t see you’ a lot of the time because I can’t see long distance without my glasses
  72. We don’t like our dentists’ waiting room chairs
  73. I can’t stand staying in my pajama’s
  74. I am a girl of strict routine
  75. I am also a morning person
  76. I try to speak with an English, Irish and American accent sometimes
  77. I go to the bathroom when I’m angry
  78. I have scars on both my knees
  79. I love Christmas
  80. I can’t draw
  81. I like vitamin C tablets
  82. I greatly dislike the taste of Panadol
  83. I love May weather
  84. I despise sleeping in
  85. Granny from Beverly Hillbillies is a character!
  86. I have been called Miss Hathaway from Beverly Hillbillies
  87. I like goofy villains
  88. I prefer necklaces over bracelets
  89. Watches’ never work with me
  90. I enjoy being with little kids
  91. I can touch type
  92. I started learning to read when I was 3 ½
  93. I read my first chapter book when I was seven
  94. I read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on since then
  95. My first book was ‘The Best Nest’ by Dr. Suess
  96. We (Nomi, Daniel and I) like watching the behind the scenes just as much as the movie!
  97. I don’t wear makeup (obviously!)
  98. I longed for the day when I could iron (not any more!)

99.  I have a passion for the persecuted Christians, especially in India

100.                      I wonder if I’ll ever live to be this old?

  1. I laugh at everything
  2. Corny jokes aren’t so bad
  3. I can be witty at times
  4. I like slightly-funky fonts on the computer
  5. I like old things
  6. I like learning about Creation and Bible times
  7. Joseph, Daniel and David are my some of my favourite Bible characters
  8. I think people can be too serious – God is so good!
  9. I like writing letters by hand
  10. I haven’t mastered cursive yet
  11. I like lists!
  12. I sing wacky songs at the top of my voice sometimes!
  13. Mum and I have to ‘fight’ over the emails sometimes
  14. I like the names Abigail, Brooke and Joy
  15. I used to have really curly hair and it still curls sometimes
  16. I have a temper
  17. We have a lot of mango trees
  18. I like stairs
  19. I prefer blue ink
  20. I like old movies
  21. Sometimes things just ‘hit’ me
  22. I love getting mail!
  23. I can’t run very fast
  24. I don’t mind sitting on the floor
  25. I don’t like being the center of attention
  26. I love Jesus!
  27. I’ve outstayed this list.

I hope that wasn’t too boring and gave you a little entertainment!

Never alone.

Love Jess


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